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ShoreTel 12.3 is Now Generally Available

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ShoreTel is pleased to announce that ShoreTel 12.3 is now generally available. The highlights of this release include:

Service Appliance 400
This new appliance provides about four times the capacity of the SA-100. The new SA-400 appliances can be mixed with SA-100 appliances or used by themselves within a ShoreTel system. Each SA-400 supports up to 200 audio ports, 100 secure web ports and 2,000 IM users per Service Appliance.

Enhanced BCA/SCA Conferencing
Additional capabilities were added for BCA/SCA conferencing to improve joining of calls and the support of calls without having the primary phone participating in the conference.

Mandatory Registration and Advisory Service
This feature allows ShoreTel to deliver proactive support by having up-to-date information about a customer’s system configuration.

ShoreTel Communicator
Support for Microsoft Outlook add-on with Microsoft WTS/Citrix

While XenApp was already supported, this feature provides additional Outlook integration features with the ShoreTel Communicator for Windows in a XenApp environment.

Enable Emergency Callback Number for E911
This feature provides additional emergency callback capabilities when combined with the third-party solution from 911 Enable.

Adjustable MTU packet size
This feature changes the MTU default setting to 1400 bytes but customers can change the setting if they need to.

VMware 5.0, MAC OS 10.7 and Mobility 4.6 & 4.7 supported
These software platforms are now supported with the ShoreTel 12.3 release.

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