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ShoreTel4.3 IP PBX Empowers the Mobile Workforce

Softphone, "Find-Me" Call Handling Enable Real-Time Response
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SUNNYVALE, CA, November 17, 2003 - Shoreline Communications, the specialist in enterprise IP voice systems, today announced new software and hardware products that help mobilize businesses and keep human as well as information resources in play—any time and from anywhere. ShoreTel4.3, the latest version of ShoreTel's award-winning multi-site IP PBX, integrates a new softphone and find-me features with ShoreTel's unique Personal Call Manager interface to deliver a complete mobility solution that is easy to deploy, manage and use. It is complemented by two new contact center products, new ShoreGear Voice Switch product configurations and enhanced administrative assistant solutions.

"The ShoreTel softphone has dramatically changed the way I can manage my business," said Neal Waldman, President, Musiker Discovery Programs, Inc. " In the student-travel industry, there is a significant seasonal variation to my staffing needs, which poses real business challenges for me with eight offices worldwide. Now, using the ShoreTel softphone, I can easily bring on additional staff without the hassle of creating a formal office—my call center agents can work from home or from any of our seasonal offices. Additionally, I find myself on the road and working out of hotel rooms on a regular basis. With the ShoreTel softphone I can be just as productive and connected from my west coast office in Los Angeles or from my hotel room in Tokyo as I am at our headquarters in New York ."

ShoreTel4.3 is a user-centric voice system that associates phone numbers with people, not offices. Your calls find you whether you are at your desk, working at a branch office, or using ShoreTel's new ShorePhone SP 100 softphone over a remote VPN connection. You give out a single contact number and have a single voicemail box, eliminating a lot of redundant calls and duplicate messages.

"Immediacy is an imperative in today's business world, and people must be accessible and able to react on a moment's notice, whenever and wherever opportunities arise," said ShoreTel President and CEO Thomas van Overbeek. "With ShoreTel4.3, employees take their office telephone number and voice features on the road and don't have to sacrifice functionality for mobility."

When you aren't present on the network, callers can ask ShoreTel4.3 to track you down. You control how and when this option is offered, and ShoreTel4.3 can even check your Outlook calendar to determine what to do with the call. Personal information is now being combined with presence and used to manage call flow.

The ShorePhone SP 100 raises the mobility bar by encapsulating a full-featured phone in your notebook computer that you connect over your broadband network. When you log into the enterprise VPN, your calls are automatically routed to you. Suddenly, a consistent voice environment customized by your personal telephony profile is available whenever you want to work.

From Call Center to Contact Center

ShoreTel is also introducing new contact center solutions aimed at larger, more formal call center operations. They operate across multiple locations as a virtual call center, enabling skills-based routing to match the best agent to a particular caller as well as the use of lower cost agents where appropriate. Further costs savings can result from reduced staff due to the virtual nature of the call center.

ShoreTel's contact center includes IVR scripting that prompts callers for information and can be integrated with a customer database so the system checks order status or other variables before routing the call. Contact center supervisor tools enable real-time monitoring of agents. The tools also offer extensive historical reporting of agent performance and provide real-time statistical views.

Multi-Site Solutions for the Administrative Assistant

ShoreTel4.3 has new tools that allow administrative assistants to support people across physical boundaries:

  • Delegation of call control: Users can delegate control over call-handling options to assistants at their own discretion, without any help from the system administrator.
  • Multiple-line support: Administrative assistants can now monitor and manage up to four additional lines, and pick up important calls with a single touch. Monitored lines can be next door or across the country.
  • Cross-site intercom: An integrated intercom feature on the new ShorePhone SP 100 works across sites, enabling receptionists and assistants to buzz people across the continent, as if they were in the next office.

New Hardware Configurations

ShoreTel has developed a new generation of ShoreGear hardware platform with a smaller form factor that supports higher-density solutions. The switches feature dual-network uplinks that ensure business continuity when a switch blade or WAN link fails.

A new ShoreGear-8 switch provides an economical solution for smaller offices or high-end telecommuter environments. It supports up to four trunks, six analog phones and 40 IP phones.

Pricing and Availability

ShoreTel4.3, the new Shore Phone SP 100 software telephone and the ShoreGear-8 switch are available now through ShoreTel's channel partners. The contact center solutions will be available in January. System pricing depends on configuration and offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry. Approximate per user pricing is $800 for ShoreTel4.3, $500 for the ShoreTel Contact Center, and $1,500 for the fully featured Enterprise Contact Center.

About Shoreline Communications

Shoreline Communications, Inc., provides next-generation voice systems that are IP Phone Systems by Design. Thousands of enthusiastic users are taking advantage of the company's award-winning distributed IP PBX technology, leveraging expertise and resources across multiple sites to improve customer service, increase employee productivity and lower operational costs. Shoreline has a select group of channel partners that provide top-notch service and support. For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE.

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