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Optus Australia Evolve Voice is a SIP voice trunking service which connects your company's IP PBX to the public telephone network (PSTN) over the Optus Evolve® network so phones attached to the PBX can make and receive voice calls. It uses Optus Evolve IP VPN.


Optus Evolve Voice provides a flexible, scalable and reliable telephony service.

  • Full voice functionality - supports standard telephony functions like Calling Line Identification,
  • Simple connectivity - Connect to PSTN via simple Ethernet SIP trunk connection, without mediation equipment. You can also replace multiple connections with a single one.
  • Scalable - Easily add voice channels as needed.
  • Standards-compliant - works with most IP PBXs.
  • Ready for convergence - Option to use the Optus Evolve IP VPN connection for voice only or voice and data.


  • Simplified connection to the PSTN - A simple Ethernet cable provides the connection from your IP PBX to Optus Evolve Voice and to the PSTN.
  • Reduced infrastructure - No need for mediation devices.
  • Converged voice and data connectivity - Use a single access for voice and data via Optus Evolve IP VPN, reducing total cost of ownership by removing the need for separate access connections for voice and data.
  • Enhance data traffic performance by utilising idle voice bandwidth for data.

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