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All Erection Crane and Rental Corporation Case Study

Case Studies

ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. standardizes dozens of offices on ShoreTel Sky’s cloud-based VoIP solution

Deploy a hosted VoIP phone solution across numerous facilities

After a series of acquisitions, ALL Erection Crane and Rental Corp. (AEC) needed to replace a myriad of different phone systems. Integration with existing Cisco endpoints made the ShoreTel Sky unified communications hosted VoIP service the best choice.

Eliminate expensive phone contracts and the need for third-party technicians 

AEC acquired or opened more than 20 companies over a span of several decades. Each operated its own disparate phone system making inter-company communication and collaboration difficult and costly. Dependence on third party Cisco engineers to support failed routers, switches and phones, system failures often meant extended service outages, and costly repairs.  AEC quickly realized a hosted VoIP system was needed to ensure phone services were always available with little or no downtime.

To evaluate vendor solutions, John Schwaim, chief information officer and chief technology officer at ALL Erection Crane and Rental Corp., established a lengthy list of requirements. The system needed to: provide full support for the existing Cisco equipment; have an established softswitch with proven performance; be packaged with hosted MPLS; offer full installation services, including ability to install servers for the WAN; have highly qualified certified Cisco engineers to support all phones, switches and routers; provide project management and user training support to ensure minimal disruption during deployment; and offer favorable pricing and lowest overall cost of deployment.

Rapid support and resolution were also key factors due to the nature of the business. Often crane equipment rentals are urgent. If AEC cannot answer its phones, customers will call another source to get someone on the project right away. The loss of business and revenue could be significant even if the system was down for as little as 15 minutes. If the data service fails, the company can’t generate orders and necessary paperwork, which could jeopardize deadlines and result in stiff penalties.


John Schwaim, CIO & CTO
ALL Erection Crane & Rental Corporation

ShoreTel delivers higher-quality services and the expertise to keep communications flowing

To handle the unplanned and ever-changing dynamics of construction jobs, AEC branches need to be in constant communication. If a job site runs into an obstacle or if equipment breaks, a replacement is needed quickly to stay on schedule. Other times, a crane has to be on-site longer than anticipated. These unexpected events make communication among branches vital to reassign assets. Since it could take 95 tractor-trailer rigs just to move a crane from one location to another, working out logistics is no easy task.

“When support is needed for switches, routers, phones, and connectivity, we know ShoreTel has highly qualified and certified engineers ready to resolve any issues to minimize any disruption of voice or data services,” says Schwaim. “It’s simply not cost-effective for a company of our size to have these highly qualified engineers on our staff. If we decided to spend the money and hire a certified Cisco guy, and he happens to be out of the office when the system fails, there’s no fallback. That isn’t going to work when it comes to maintaining the high availability we need for our phone systems.”

ShoreTel Sky’s managed VoIP solution sets itself apart from the competition

One lesson learned: Not all hosted cloud-based VoIP solutions are created equal. For example, there are other VoIP providers in the business, but not all of them have a hosted MPLS service, which was mandatory for AEC. Schwaim also felt that it was a big advantage, from an administration and cost perspective, for the organization to have everything handled by one vendor that could manage all of the routers and switches.

The company also ruled out a number of viable vendors because they wanted to existing Cisco equipment. “There was a lot that went into the decision to partner with ShoreTel. The solution is the backbone for both voice and data that makes our business run. So arguably ShoreTel could be the most critical vendor we have,” says Schwaim.

“ShoreTel’s hosted VoIP system works really well for small to midsize companies that have multiple locations like AEC,” concludes Schwaim. “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ShoreTel. I think ShoreTel Sky’s cloud-based hosted VoIP solution is the way of the future, plus it just makes financial sense. ShoreTel has the ability to deliver much higher-quality services than most companies are able to provide on their own.”



Migrate all offices to a hosted system that would integrate with existing Cisco endpoints to ease the administrative burden on IT and eliminate the expense of third-party consultants.


ShoreTel Sky managed VoIP cloud-based phone system, which has resulted in a significantly lower TCO.


  • Unified offices with disparate phone systems
  • Considerably lower TCO
  • Cost savings by moving to a managed, cloud-based system
  • Responsive ShoreTel technical support

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